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Date: 08/08/2016

Gusdave and the Whiteheads to Rock History and Support New England’s First In Flight Status

GUSDAVE and the WHITEHEADS are a Connecticut based team selected to compete in the outrageously wacky and creative Red Bull Flugtag Competition in Boston, Massachusetts on August 20th, 2016. The five-member squad is composed of aviation enthusiasts who are Connecticutian historical contrarians, and who possess a broad range of talents that include engineering, architecture, and puppet design.

Winning the Flugtag competition is an outright goal of this team, but their mission is to generate awareness about neglected aviation legend Gustave Whitehead, and evidence that supports his successful powered flight in Connecticut TWO YEARS before the Wright Brothers flew their craft. Soaring along with the 2013 declarations of the Connecticut legislature it is time to set the record straight – New England was first in flight!

The team is constructing a handcrafted machine inspired by the elegant design of the CONDOR #21, a classic Lilienthal styled monoplane flown by Whitehead in 1901. A fully functional replica of the original craft is on display at Captain’s Cove in Bridgeport, Connecticut. To prepare for the physical challenges of the competition, the team practices cliff jumps and performs team-building exercises at Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park in Portland, Connecticut. On August 18th, the team and their craft will appear at the Creative Cocktail Hour at Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut prior to their history changing journey to Boston.

“We’re thrilled to be among 30 fabulous teams competing in Boston and representing what should already be mainstream historical record… so we’re going to rock it with our flying stuff!” – GUSDAVE (Dave Mourad)

Red Bull Flugtag Boston is a free family-friendly event that will take place at the DCR Hatch shell along the Charles River. For more information about the event please visit For more information about GUSDAVE and the WHITEHEADS please visit

The CONNDOR takes shape after several build sessions.

GUSDAVE and the WHITEHEADS pose at the location of their training center in Portland, CT.

Whitehead Logan weaves what will become the Gustave WhiteHEAD at the front of the craft.