Our dedicated team is made of proud New Englanders from Connecticut, full of creative and technical talent with a touch of zany to boot!
Gustave_poster During the bulk of the year Gusdave is a high school and college level physics teacher.   Of course this means he has the summer available to lead this fine Flugtag team and project . Gusdave uses Red Bull Flugtag and Red Bull Stratos as exciting and memorable real world examples of physics when covered in the classroom (really, how fantastically cool would it be if his students got to see footage with their teacher launch  from the Red Bull Flugtag pier).  As an audience member at Flugtag Philadelphia in 2012 he was way inspired to assemble a team if the event ever returned to the northeastern United States.  With the help of the Whiteheads, this goal becomes reality. Hello Boston! Hub of New England!



Whitehead-Logan_posterWhitehead Logan: W.H. Logan is the founder and organizer of the Hartford Art Sled Derby, an event influenced by the greatness of Red Bull Flugtag.  The derby has successfully run annually for four years, and encourages the community to make creative and entertaining sleds that plummet down a hill at Elizabeth Park in Hartford in mid February.  Professionally, Logan is also a Puppet Arts Technical Supervisor where he has learned that his creations are more than moving sculpture, they are performance.  In addition to construction duties, he will help choreograph the motions of the team on the flight deck prior to launch.



Whitehead Tweed: W.H. Tweed’s life has always been engulfed in the creation and engineering of new things.
This “hands-on” businessman grew up in New England and was surrounded by aviation in Bridgeport, CT – just 3 miles from where Whitehead originally flew. With his father being an Aeronautical engineer and Turbine specialist, there was no choice but to be amazed by the gift of flight we’ve been given. Studying Industrial Design, creating that which does not yet exist, creating metal sculptures, and fabricating flying machines…It all seems natural to join Gusdave and team… and engineer for Launch.




Whitehead-Bradley_posterWhitehead Bradley: W.H. Bradley is an Architect and expert on materials with consderable hands-on-skills.  He is also a drummer and musician and performs gigs with bands and traveling brass/pep bands.  He is the former owner of a bicycle shoppe in Central Connecticut and his wrenching and wheel experience will be instrumental in the design of the Whitehead powered drive system that gives the CONNDOR speed to the edge of the pier.




Whitehead-Green_posterWhitehead Green: W.H. Green is an electrician, adrenaline junky, pragmatist, tool expert, and all around skilled maker-dude.  As a former print graphics processor, he also has the chops to contribute visual support. And hey, he has a 220V hookup in his garage for any special tools the team may need to create the CONNDOR.