Red Bull Flugtag Flight Deck

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Hello Red Bull Flugtag Enthusiasts!  We are GUSDAVE and the WHITEHEADS … we are distinctly honored to have been selected to participate in this tremendous event from 200+ applications as one of the 30 teams that will compete in Boston on August 20th, 2016 at the DCH Hatch Shell by the banks of the Charles River.  This site and our Facebook Page track our efforts change aviation history at a fantastic day of fun and flight. Thank you for your interest!

As the Hub of New England, Boston is a special place, one that is notably steeped in history and creative endeavors.  In our own wacky way, our theme honors those qualities and brings attention to neglected aviation legend Gustave Whitehead, who made a successful flight in Connecticut two years before the Wright Brothers without receiving the credit or glory he deserved.  It’s time to set the record straight!  – New England was First in Flight, and thanks to Red Bull Flugtag, we’re the crew to let the world know !!